Unique view on GMAT, MBA and beyond.

Is it worth it to spend 2 years of your life, and a hundred thousand dollars on MBA? We think yes. But, you need to know about the options.

Who is it for?

Meet our student entrepreneurs and learn more about how the 60-day MBA helped them start or grow their businesses Want to start a food truck? Wouldn’t it be nice to be in a class with a guy or girl who has had a food truck business for a few years and to avoid the mistakes they made?

our team

Stella Markham

GMAT Cracker

Stella is our GMAT go-to girl. Being a private GMAT tutor for more than 9 years and having scored 720 herself, means that any questions you have about beating the GMAT will be answered in no time.

Ralph Schindler

Admission Expert

Ralph has helped students apply to top-10 schools in the nation. His success rate is astonishing. At the same time, he is always open for a casual conversation, despite all the seriousness of his position.

Devonne Smith

Administrative Assistant

Devonne is the ultimate problem solver of our team. We face at least a hundred problems every day, and she solves at least 99 of them. Not bad, eh?

No Diplomas. Just Yet.

The 60-Day MBA is not about something to hang on your wall. Nothing you put on your resume helps you hire yourself, right? The best part? With our distilled curriculum you have enough time to also run your business.

Preparing for GMAT.

This will probably be the most important and complex exam in your lifetime. So you’d better prepare for it using the right tools. We make sure to review the best prep courses out there to make sure you’re utilizing the best.