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We’re an interactive, online business building school for everyday entrepreneurs.

The best part? With our distilled curriculum you have enough time to also run your business.

This Ain’t No Box of DVDs

We’re so confident that this is the best way to get moving towards your goals that we offer a money-back guarantee

Don’t Waste 2 Years & $100K

You won’t find any diplomas in here.

The 60-Day MBA is not about something to hang on your wall. Nothing you put on your resume helps you hire yourself, right?

Not sure if we’re a fit for your stage? The 60-Day MBA aids both aspiring entrepreneurs and existing small businesses

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“I would have never gotten my business off the ground without the 60-Day MBA”

Tor Valenza – Solar Fred Marketing

Ryan Ferrier
FounderRyan Ferrier 60-day mba - Meet the Founders
Dave Llorens
FounderDave Llorens 60-day mba - Meet the Founders

They’ve packaged up their insider know-how with a non-fluff approach that’s perfect for everyday entrepreneurs, just like them.

Our founders are Silicon Valley veterans, but more importantly, they’re two regular Joes who’ll shoot you straight.

Warning: Ryan and Dave do not have MBAs. What they do have is experience starting and running multiple multi-million-dollar businesses. Just like the 60-Day MBA teaches, they learned by doing so their style is straightforward and down to earth.

The 60-Day MBA was made to help you get moving

The 60-Day MBA includes six core lessons, plus a library of specialty classes that grows weekly

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Total value: $21,000. Total cost? Just $975

Different types of entrepreneurs

Get instant access to a global community of entrepreneurs just like you.

Meet our student entrepreneurs and learn more about how the 60-day MBA helped them start or grow their businesses

Want to start a food truck? Wouldn’t it be nice to be in a class with a guy or girl who has had a food truck business for a few years and to avoid the mistakes they made?